Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So I saw this on a business page post on FB today and I thought that would be a great question to ask in my blog. The first one is for those with kids.
The question was: Imagine you didn't have kids, where would you be in your life right now?

My question for those without kids: Looking back 10 years, are you where you expected to be at the moment? Are you living the goal you set out for your life 10 years ago?

I'll answer both.
1. Oh gosh! I wouldn't want to imagine that. I would probably still be renting a small overpriced apt in NY and working corporate America. Def. not feeling as blessed as I do now! :) I am living the dream I set out for when I was a child and more. I own a house, have an amazing husband, who's not perfect, but perfect for me, 3 amazeball kids, and 2 wonderful pets (a dog and a parakeet). We are not in debt and are enjoying life. The kids have fulfilled us more than we can ever imagine. We have asked ourselves that question before and we just couldn't imagine our life with the daily laughter we get because our kids did something funny or cute. Or the sheer awe we get when our kids shock us and say something full of depth that only a kids innocence could bring up. I wouldn't want to imagine where I would be if I didn't feel the love only a mother could feel for their child. I'm grateful that I had the chance to feel 3 little souls and bodies growing inside of me. I love my children and they teach me the true meaning of life everyday.

2. Now 10 years ago, I certainly didn't expect to be living in Florida. Nope. No way. That thought never even crossed my mind. I was 19 years old and in the crossroads of a relationship and would be soon to meeting my future husband. I was in college studying Journalism and just focusing on living life day to day. Never thought about future goals or dreams. I certainy didn't expect to be where I am today having my family, home and my own business. Always wanted to own a business, but never thought I would. Couldn't be happier in 2012!

So now I want to hear from you guys! Where would you guys be? What would you be doing?

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