Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Perry unseals some documents!

Chief Judge Belvin Perry unsealed the state's depositions, involving the story Casey Anthony gave to two doctors for the defense about how her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony died.
The documents shed more light on Casey's claim that her father, George Anthony, killed Caylee.
The deposition transcripts provide more details than what has already been revealed.
According to the documents, Casey told two doctors that Caylee could not have died accidentally, even though the defense told the jury the exact opposite    
Also, retired prosecutor Jeff Ashton's book about her case reveals that Casey told two psychiatrists Caylee could not have gotten into the pool on her own, and that the ladder was always stowed.
The book also states that Casey said George killed Caylee in the pool, and she also said that George could have been molesting Caylee in the pool while he was killing her.
The story that Casey is documented to have told was rejected by her defense team during the trial, and was never shared with the jury.
The report also states that the two doctors had examined Casey for the defense, and found no evidence of mental illness or post traumatic stress disorder, despite Casey's claims that her father had molested and raped her.
Casey also told the doctors that she was afraid George would also molest Caylee.

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  1. They're not very good at their jobs, but she's a new breed of Gen Y psychopath.