Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Casey's obsessed with Caylee

“Casey Anthony’s twisted life in hiding,” The National Enquirer screams.
Casey had made the tabloid’s cover again. The story details her “bizarre, twisted life in hiding” through interviews with friends.
These are her friends?
They tell of Casey’s X-rated online chats, her stir-crazy life in a preacher’s home, her imaginary romance with a man named Steven, her hopes to have twins and her recent false alarm about being pregnant.
But the most interesting portions focus on Casey’s fixation on dead daughter Caylee.
She keeps a candlelit shrine to her daughter and a picture of Caylee in the arms of Jesus, The Enquirer reports.

Anthony is getting professional help but hasn’t admitted any role in her daughter’s death, The Enquirer reports.
The tabloid quotes an Anthony friend: “Casey is the most self-centered, egotisti­cal creature I have ever known. Everything she says is all about her – about how sad and lonely she is.”
These are her friends?


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