Thursday, December 22, 2011

Using the opportunity!!

Ok so since this is my blog and it is ANYTHING about EVERYTHING, I am going to use it in this entry to promote my Mary Kay business!!! We are not just makeup! We do have skin care products and fragrances for men and women!
My webpage is I do take credit cards!
If you like

Glenda Van der Beken, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant  

on facebook, you have the chance of being chosen fan of the week! The more you comment or like on my page the more chances you have of earning that title! What do you receive? 10 % off any one item! 

Now, if you are interested in selling MK, you can also contact me via the blog or email me! Beauty consultants earn 50% of their sales and can advance quickly to those cars that we receive for free!!! 

Again, if you are interested let me know. We do not have one territory, so it doesn't matter where in the country or world you are in, if you know of MK, you can participate! 

I was one of the first people that would tell you, that I would never have thought that I would be in this wonderful company, but I love what I do!!! I have completely lost all hints of shyness I ever had in my body and have met AMAZING people through this opportunity! It isn't what people think it is. It isn't a scam. This truly works! Again, I am a very honest person and I am telling you, the products work and the system works!

Even if you are not interested in this, someone you know may be. So pass them my info or like my page and you will see all the great things this company offers you!

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