Monday, February 27, 2012

Jose Baez cleared

The Florida Bar has cleared two complaints against Jose Baez after finding no probable cause.
The Bar unanimously voted to clear Baez of failing to share discovery information with the prosecution prior to the trial and Baez's failure to disclose to the court that Casey was being allowed to serve probation for her check-fraud case while in jail awaiting trial for murder in the death of

Baez will not face any discipline, but was issued a letter of advice, according to The Bar. The letter reminds Baez that it's his responsibly to uphold professional standards.
"The grievance committee also issued a letter of advice indicating that while Mr. Baez's conduct did not warrant formal discipline, the committee believed his conduct was not consistent with the high standards of the legal profession," Bar spokeswoman Karen Y. Kirksey wrote.
 Baez was sanctioned last year by Judge Perry and made to pay a $583 fine for his "willful violation" of a court order for his failure to share discovery with the prosecution.
"Much has been made about the claims filed against me," Baez said in an email statement. "I am glad to see the grievance committee was fair and thorough in their decision."

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